A Visit From Your Future Self

In my feeble attempt to keep a blogging calendar, I had a note in my schedule to write a post about being thankful today. As hard as I've thought about it, I'm suffering a serious case of the grumps and I'm finding it hard to write a happy, reflective post. I don't think I can share the details right now, but there are a few things going on that are providing quite the challenge. Thankfully I have the sweet support of C and my family and friends, and I know once this little period is over I will be stronger and happier than before.
It's easy when you're feeling a bit hard-done-by to throw a big ol' pity party for one. But I'm going to do my best to look outward and appreciate the good things (and there are a lot!) I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Silly Grrl, and she had a link to this article by Laura Simms called the "The 'I'm not far enough along' Antidote". I get this feeling a lot. I see people who seem to have it all together, they have their dream job, a wonderful group of friends, a beautifully cosy home and a wealth of opportunity at their fingertips. Obviously this isn't the whole reality, and comparison is one of the worst ways to bring yourself down. Laura asks her readers at the end to share what the "me from three years ago" would be amazed to know now.

So here goes:

In the next few years, you will live in London and meet new friends from all over the world. You will play music in London, Paris and the USA, travel through 27 states in America, and have an amazing adventure in Japan. You will become engaged to the guy of your dreams, who also happens to be your best friend. Even though you thought you'd work in retail, or perhaps an office, you managed to get through university, and became an art director and professional designer. In between all of this, you will run the dancing school that you attended and loved since you were 6 years old. You can also talk to people without blushing, sometimes.

I'd love for you guys to do the same thing in the comments too! It's really helpful to reflect on your achievements, especially when things are depressing, or you feel inadequate. Life is a big journey and you need to stop and smell the roses sometime!

Thanks to Laura and Sarah for inspiring this post!

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