Found #63

I'm forever looking at light fittings to put in the music room. I never commit to one, usually because I need to get really organised and book the electrician, buy the lights, make sure they're suitable for Australian voltage. Sigh. It's all to hard sometimes ;) Yet another one that caught my eye is this lovely "Godfrey" copper pendant.
via: Lightly

Helen Jones uses charcoal and black pigment to create these beautiful, moody drawings. Lost at sea, menacing clouds and the odd beacon of light shining through.

Jana & Bodie are a Tasmanian based brother and sister accessories design team. They use sustainable Tasmanian timber, hand paint it and voila, pretty things to make your outfit complete.

Do you love the "smell of rain" as much as I do? It's not actually the rain that smells, it's the combination of oils from certain plants and bacteria in the dry soil activating from the moisture and it's called Petrichor. Regardless of all of the scientific talk, you can apparently get the smell in a bottle.
via: Blushie

This dress is so pretty, I love the contrast shape in the bodice ans straps. And the bright white buttons and belt! Are those pockets I spy? Perfect!
via: ModCloth

I'm always on the look out for design advice and inspiration, so I love Note To Self Blog. This week's advice column is encouraging creatives to... /gasp/ think about their motivations for aesthetic and design choices, rather than copy what is pretty. It's useful advice, not only for designers, but for anyone in the business of creating something. Hello bloggers. Check it out!

So, it's a long weekend here, but it's a busy one. I'm still considering whether or not to attend the Blog Society launch here in Sydney. Is anyone heading along? That's on tomorrow actually. On Sunday, I'm so excited to be heading to see a talk with James Nachtwey. And on my extra day off on Monday... hm. I'm not sure yet. I was hoping for a little day trip last weekend but we got rained out. So perhaps on Monday? Do you have any fun plans?


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