Found #64

This tea towel from Oelwein says it all really... Don't worry, when there is rain and clouds, it is always followed by sunshine, sooner or later!
via: Oelwein

I quite like this one-of-a-kind necklace that I spotted on Sword And Fern. The random 'bit's come together quite nicely :)
via: Sword And Fern

How adorable is this Panda Sailor brooch? One of many cute bits to be found in the And Smile Etsy store.
via: And Smile

I spotted the work of Andrew Musson in the Frankie Magazine newsletter a couple of weeks ago. I love this snowy series of photographs. It's getting so cold here, I wish it would snow! Just icy wind and a bit of drizzle, I'm afraid.

Did you know that you can search things other than style and colour keywords on ModCloth? How about searching "Made In USA"? You can find all kinds of gorgeous items that are made in America, such as this cute-as-anything tee, or these lovely red socks!
via: ModCloth
via: Red Parka
Jen from Red Parka has written, erm... drawn a book!! I love collective nouns as much as the next gal, so this really appeals to me. It's (going to be) a collection of collective noun illustrations. "An Ambush of Tigers", "A Bouquet of Hummingbirds" etc. Jen has set up a little funding project online, so if you're interested in seeing this project come to life, head on over and read her blog post about it. There are some great rewards for bloggers and small business owners too. Even if you don't have the funds to contribute, check out her project, it's really fun!

I'm not sure what my plans are this weekend. but they probably involve work. I'm busy rebuilding my personal website, doing some blog design work and playing Little Big Planet Karting. This is all extremely important business and I shall let you know if I make it to first place in a race. This weather is making me feel all indoors-y and blanket hoard-y.


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