Found #65

This patch from Poison Apple Printshop is great. I love looking at the moon, I just find it so beautiful.

I found these bone hair pins on Mo's blog, and I just had to steal them. Well, not steal them, that would be rude. But I had to share. Thanks for finding the bone pins, Mo!

I'm missing Japan a lot, so I'm pretty happy when I see something nice that reminds me of my time there. This gorgeous photo series by Miyoko Ihara covers her grandmother, Misao and her relationship with her strange-eyed cat (who was adopted as a stray), Fukumaru. The companionship of an animal is so special.

Have you seen this typography project? They seem to be all the rage with the kids these days ;) This one is an interesting project that sources idioms from various locales, and has a little story behind the word. I've known a few "doless"-es(?) in my time.

I really like look of Dear Creatures dresses. One day I will try one out... I love the hint of collar details on this one.
via: ModCloth

Diana from Our City Lights is remembering her 'favourited' blog posts from Google Reader by creating a pinterest board dedicated to her favourite posts over the years so they won't be lost when google closes the reader down on Sunday. It's a nice idea if you've been using Google Reader over the years :)

So, I mentioned that it's been raining a lot here. For over a week now, at least. This weekend shows no change in sight, so it looks like more inside time for us. Let me say, Nico doesn't mind the extra cuddle time :)


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