Freebie! And A Thought For The Day

Don't even ask me how long I've been planning to do this for. A long time, OK? There are no excuses that you haven't heard before. I have finally gotten around to creating a nice little desktop download that you can grab for your computer, tablet or phone. I'm in a fatalistic mood tonight, hence the theme. I hope you like it, feel free to share this link with your friends.
Download: Desktop // iPad // iPhone-iPod // iPhone5
(free for personal use only - not for distribution or sale without written permission from Kitty & Buck.)

I apologise - my Flickr account has decided it would not like to play today. I hope Photobucket serves you well :) You can click on the image you'd like, which will maximise it, and then right click "save" or "set as desktop".
(don't forget Google Reader is leaving us, keep up to date with Kitty & Buck with Bloglovin')