Instagram Miscellany

Today I am guest posting over at the lovely Ciera Design Blog. Since my guest post is all about my favourite photographers on Instagram, I thought I'd get you to check them out over there, and over here, I can show you a little peek of what I've been up to lately.
1 // Fresh flowers from our local florist for some weekend cheer
2 // Nico using a pillow. It melts my heart!
3 // Party time :)
4 // Admiring my lovely Japanese socks
5 // Nico with her favourite toy, Mousel. She lays on him like he is an egg
6 // The blue winter sky. I love how the sky looks different, depending on where in the world you are
7 // Winter branches
8 // Maggie getting all excited about the Catnip that she has demolished
9 // My afternoon snack
10 // Out the window during my lunch break at work
11 // An exotic new plant I have grown
12 // At the gym, emptying my brain (trying)

I've just been lucky enough to receive a hand-me-down phone, which has a much better camera than my old phone. Once I get it updated with all of my data (seriously, WHY does it have to be SO hard?!) I will be presenting my Instagram friends with a less grainy experience. I hope! In the meantime, the grain adds character :)

Feel free to keep up to date with my Instagram happenings @KittyAndBuck

You can let me know in the comments if you did and I'll look out for you.
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