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In case you've missed them on my sidebar during June, or would like to find out a little more about them, I have a little introduction to my sponsors for you today. Aside from introducing each of these lovely blogs and shops, I asked them what their favourite movie genre is, and if they have a favourite film, so you can gain a little more insight into their personalities. I've also chosen my favourite post or product from each of them, so you can see what I've been enjoying this month. If you like their post, please visit them at their respective homes, I know they will welcome you with open arms :)

My name is Miss Angie. I'm a single twenty-something girl living in Salt Lake City, Utah with an awesome roommate, friends that we spend time with often, and some pets.  I blog full time over at My So-Called Chaos, but also part time at two other blogs, as well as manage two shops, work full time, and volunteer with animals and drag queens. Never a dull moment around here!
★ I love all kinds of movies, but I have to say I have a soft spot for terrible horror movies.  My roommate and I love to sit around and make fun of them while we watch! 
My favourite post // It's Just Horror Honey

Ciao, I'm Chelsea! I'm a traveling artist (currently in California) that enjoys creating on the road. I love making unique and handmade items and finding new ways to up-cycle unexpected materials. I enjoy hand-binding books, watercoloring illustrations and visiting new places for inspiration (preferably all at once!)
★ I don't really have a favorite movie genre, I like a little bit of everything. I especially love a movie with a great soundtrack! My top three favorite movies are Almost Famous, Into the Wild and Blazing Saddles.
My favourite product // Spring Daisies - Blank Artist Book

My name is Mo and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian, animal lover, pizza addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry.
★ As lame as it sounds: Drama. My favorite film since I was 10 years old has been "Ordinary People"
My favourite post // Damn The Man - Takin' A Stand

Olá! We are two twenty-something Portuguese bloggers, Sofia G and Sofia S, that blog on The Daily Miacis. We are two crazy cat lovers, nature addicted, geeks that like to talk about the books we read and movies/series we saw, biologist who wants to share the beauty on our world and crazy for handmade stuff. Come say Olá to us :)
★ Sofia G -  My favorite movie genre it's fantastic/ sy-fy. My favorite movie, don't exist. My favorites movies yes. The movies of my life are for sure the Disney Movies, but my favorites now that I'm a grown up are "Totoro", "The Time Machine", and "Equilibrium".
★ Sofia S. - My favourite movie genre is animation fantasy, therefore one of my favourites movies is Nightmare before Christmas.
My favourite post(s) // Talking About: Buying Clothes and Cactus Around The House

being erica is the day to day (clueless) musings of an eternal tween-ager. i've an entirely too-big dress collection, and a fondness for glitter and anything with a bow attached. i think i'm the only blogger ever to not like cats or have an affection for tea. come and say hello!
★ i love proper laugh-out-loud movies like 'mean girls' and 'pitch perfect', and i don't care who knows it - i'm not ashamed! i also love a action/thriller films like the 'bourne' and 'mission impossible' movies (i love me a bad-ass spy!) and - naturally, anything starring ryan gosling... obviously!
My favourite post // Weekend Edition

Hello, My name is Emma and I am the designer behind Australian handmade jewellery & accessory store el.inspired. I love creating gorgeous jewellery and accessories with the intent on making the wearer feel beautiful! My pieces are suited to all outfits and occasions with an emphasis on casual glam!!
★ Hmmm... Romance! I am a romantic at heart! My fave all time romantic movie would have to be 'The Notebook'. 
My favourite product // Teal Leather Fold Over Clutch

I first heard the Sting song, "Desert Rose", about 15 years ago and became fascinated with the concept of something beautiful blooming out in the middle of a desert. This idea has become my inspiration now, on my quest to create beautiful things out of ordinary materials!
★ I'd say it's a tie between sci-fi and romance. I love a good story and the more interesting the better. My favorite sci-fi would have to be Signs, and my favorite romance movie is Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken!
My favourite product // Hand Knit Cable Beanie - Bamboo Wool Blend Yarn - Aqua Blue

Jessica T is all about quirky, chic and unique accessories. If you like all things a little left of centre, you will fall in love with Jessica T. Check out our website at or find us at one of our many stockists across the country.
★ You've got to love Comedies - have to say Zoolander, its a oldie but a goodie!
My favourite product // Set of 3 Geology Rings

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Yep that's Uptights for you! Limited edition quirkily elegant leggings, bike shorts and skirts, designed and individually handmade in Australia (with love) in my Sydney based studio.
Uptights focuses on designing uniquely inspiring prints which extend the realms of reality into kaleidoscope birds, pac- man grandpa pajamas and floating green eyed cats, to name a few. Be sure, when you wear a pair of Uptights fashionable, yet immensely comfortable leggings you'll stand out! 
★ It really depends on what mood I'm in.... but at the moment I've been watching a lot of documentaries (not the animal kind lol!) True/ life stories I guess, something inspiring. I recently saw 'I am divine ' at the Sydney Film Festival. Look it up, its a real show stopper:-)
My favourite product // Spray Dot Print Bike Shorts

MagsBeadsCreation provides exclusive artisan handcrafted wire wrapped and beaded jewelry with rough stones, gemstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver / silver plated materials.
All jewelry pieces are lovingly designed and professionally handcrafted with various techniques including bead stringing, wire wrapping and wire working.
My favourite product // Druzy Stone Pendant

Stars in Jars is a travel + lifestyle blog about a London-born girl-sailor named Lou.
I write regularly about my passions, adventures and lessons in life, love and wellness. Also my eternal obsession with the handritten and handmade ^.^ 
Pop over to say hi + drop me your email address if you like getting Snail Mail!
★ I'm a film geek, I love em all! Especially documentaries and anything with Bill Murray in it.
My favourite post // Currently

We're a couple of people who like to make stuff. Our real names are Franklin & Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the visual artsy crafty sort, and Franklin makes beepy-sweet jangly music. We like to collaborate, and teach each other stuff. This blog is where we share what we make, document our projects, and explore our creative do-it-yourselfy sides.
★ I love slightly dark, quirky comedies with lots of awkward silences. My favorite movie is Rushmore.
My favourite post // Stoic + Pariah at Marinus Home

Hi I'm Jenny, also known as Jenny Holiday. I adore all things vintage holiday, birthday, bakery, and cute! Together with (my man) Aaron, we paint, art journal, decorate, collect, cook, bake, blog, and teach at fabulous art retreats all over the country. We are super excited about our very first craft instruction book set to hit shelves this fall! So so nice to meet you! Pop over to the blog to say hi anytime! :)  xo
★ Vintage Horror...  Fave movie: The Shining
My favourite post // Chipotle Chocolate Chicken Chilli (with beans for me!)

Hello Kitty and Buck readers! On Lauryn Green I like to share my illustrations, experiences in life, recipes and inspiration. 
★ My favourite movie genres are comedy and drama, especially when they mix it, like on Woody Allen films.
My favourite post // Heaven Opens Each First and Third Sunday of the Month

I'm Megan, creator of the space Live Well and Breathe, and self-proclaimed hippie living on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Live Well and Breathe is about my day-to-day, mostly - about the specialness of small moments, and about the more broad things, too, like my mission to breathe and live mindfully (I launched in March with that mission in mind). I'm obsessed with photography, thrifting and diy, and I have a shop online where the items I'm hunting and hand making are available to buy. Thanks for reading; I'm excited to meet you!
★ I can't resist a good documentary, no matter how horrifying ("The Cove") or far out ("Thrive"). I'm one of those people that's constantly setting up the PVR to record Saturday night's PBS special ("Alone in the Wilderness"), and I'm super stoked on any documentary that imparts knowledge and meaning ("What the Bleep"). As far as my favourite non-documentary movie, "100 Days of Summer" is a hands-down winner. Cuteness to the max.
My favourite post // Pop It Like It's Hot

I am Maddie Richardson, and I am the whacky brilliant mind behind this here blog. This space is the perfect vehicle for me to share, learn, and inspire, all things creative. I write about everything from graphic designing to dancing with no pants on. In between I touch on eating + drinking, adventure, doing everything yourself, my backyard chickens, my hunky husband, and more! Sometimes, if I am inspired, I may even sing a tune or two. Bottom line is it is always a surprise around here, so I hope you stick around. I sure love making friends.
My favourite post // I Asked, You Answered: Survey Results (interesting for any bloggers out there)

Hi! I'm Kyla, a designer/illustrator who likes to draw pin-ups and whimsical things in my spare time. I blog to take my mind off the real world and love sharing unique finds with my readers, usually with a chai latte in hand.
★ I LOVE sci-fi and fantasy films. My favorites are The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars, and Wall-E :)
My favourite post // Inspired Translation | 2

High Walls is a blog of clever DIY projects, delicious recipes, collections of independent designs and everything in between. Dani is the writer and curator of the blog, she spends all of her free time cooking up new projects and posts to fill your creative needs! Why not pop over and say hello! 
★ I'm a sucker for indie comedies - anything with pithy one liners and fast talking protagonists is always a winner in my books!

I hope you've found some new blogs to follow and shops to check out from my awesome sponsors this month! Don't forget the small guys over there too, they aren't in the feature, but click on their buttons and check them out too, they are all great!

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