Pinterest Persuasion #4 - Beth | {local milk}

Take a look at my first few Pinterest Persuasions if you'd like the backstory behind this series. This time I'm featuring the lovely boards of Beth | {local milk}. She has an incredible amount of floral pins, beautiful photography and a definite style. I also like her naming system, the little descriptions below each board name are so evocative. I have chosen some of my favourite boards to share with you today.

accoutrements & aesthetic inspiration

all that is lovely, fleeting and young

of rustic things: woodland reverie & pastoral woolgathering

I hope you enjoy checking out more of Beth's collection on Pinterest. You can find my little hoard right here. I love finding new collections, so feel free to link to yours, or any of your favourites in the comments and I'll be sure to take a look.


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