What I Wore - Rainy Day in the Library

In Australia, we normally have dry winters and rainy summers. Generally. Though that weather, she is unpredictable. It seems to have been raining for weeks now. It can't be that long, but Maggie is beside herself with wanting to go to 'work' (that's where she sits on the grass and chatters to the birds). And I'm dying to get outside and see some sunshine! With the cold, the drizzle and the general tone of this place (Sydney) right now, I'm about ready for a few duvet days ;)
The thing is, I have a lot of photographs to take right now. I've got a few blog posts planned, and outfit posts to get done, and the light is not there. So I'm in a little frustrated tizz, trying to get things done, but having it not really working. Which leads me to today's location, the Library. It's difficult to do a guerrilla style photoshoot in a library. That shutter noise is LOUD! Anyway. Really, no problems. I hope you enjoy my fluorescent lit outfit shots.
You can see in the above image, my lovely photographer :) And rain affected frizz. One more thing, the growing fringe out thing is hard! I'm at the most awkward point now and very tempted to cut it back in. Not sure what one is supposed to do with hair when a fringe isn't in action anymore.

This is all tongue in cheek, I know sarcasm is sometimes lost in the written word. I'm loving the weather, hating feeling unproductive on the photography front :)
Blouse // Thrifted - Sydney, Australia
Skirt // Urban Outfitters (old) (similar)
Tights // (you can see how old they are, this might be their last hurrah!)
How about some new ones from We Love Colors in Medium Blue?
Shoes "Dolly" clogs // c/o Moheda
Coat // ModCloth
Fox Ring // Emerging Thoughts (Sea of Bees)
Necklace // BloodMilk
Camera Bag // Jo Totes


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