Found #66

I spotted this wooden ring on Danielle's blog a week or two ago and I love it! Mr Lentz makes all manner of wooden goodies, inspired by the Californian Redwoods. He also adheres to strict sustainable and environmentally friendly work practices, so you can trust that what you're buying is injected with love and happiness :) And grass.
via: Mr Lentz

You can't really go wrong with a snappy name for something. Introducing: Spearrings.

Polka Dots! On a bag! So simple but such a nice way to brighten your day :)
via: ModCloth

So, today is my sister's wedding, which is pretty exciting! We've been rushing about doing last minute things and preparing the cake(s). Hence the shorter post this week! Tomorrow is C's birthday, so there's lots of food and treats and celebration this weekend! I think on Sunday I may just lounge about and try to regain my senses before I return to work on Monday. I know things are a little slow around here lately, but guess what? The sun came out! So I'll be taking advantage of it and taking some pictures this weekend for sure :)
What are your plans? Can someone have a nanna nap for me please? Thanks.

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