Instagram Inspirations

Today I'm going to share a post with you that I wrote as a guest post for Ciera Design. I'd like to make it a semi-regular feature, so I thought this is a good place to start. I've collected a group of my favourite instagrammers, whose images inspire me amidst the sea of pet photos (guilty as charged). I've been trying to be conscious of my Instagram output, and since I was generously offered a hand-me-down phone upgrade, I've got a better phone camera, so I'm all set! There's nothing wrong with sharing pictures of the fur-babies, but I'm so focused on improving my photography in general, I'd like to carry that over into instagram-land, even when I'm photographing the every day. As you can see below, there is beauty all around us!
@honeydue @stephanie_somebody @amandajanejones @trishpapadakos @emilieristevski @mimiochun @dschwen @nonalimmen @deercircus

1 // @honeydue
2 // @stephanie_somebody
3 // @amandajanejones
4 // @trishpapadakos
5 // @emilieristevski
6 // @mimiochun
7 // @dschwen
8 // @nonalimmen
9 // @deercircus

I'd love to hear about any instagrammers who you find inspiring too, if you leave a comment, I'll be sure to check them (and you!) out. You can peek into my daily life on instagram @KittyAndBuck.


*this post originally appeared on Ciera Design Blog*

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