What I Wore - Crazy Cat Lady?

My goodness, finally the clouds cleared. Just in time for my sister's wedding, actually, which was wonderful. It started again today, but I don't mind. We took advantage of the weather over the weekend and wandered down to the rockpools for some fresh air and ocean gazing. The sea and sunlight is so rejuvenating, as much as I get tired of Sydney and the vibe of this city, I am grateful for the beautiful nature we have.
I decided at the last moment to have my hair chopped! I've been growing my fringe out all last summer (6 months at least) and then, in an instant, it was back. I feel more comfortable with it. And my ratty ends are all gone too! Hurrah. The situation was becoming a little out of control. Most of my blonde is gone, but I have some to refresh my colours soon.
I've dropped a couple of hints, but I've left my job! I'm now officially a 'full-time' freelancer. It's exciting and terrifying all at once. I'll be sure to explain a little more in a separate post soon. In the meantime, I managed to score a one month contract at a really fantastic place to work, so I'm counting my blessings and feeling good about the future! Because it's quite long hours and I'm trying hard to be a good freelancer, I'm feeling quite drained though, so if I'm slow to respond to comments or emails, I apologise. I appreciate all of your communications and read them, but I'm just struggling to keep 100% up to date lately! I'm sure when this month is over I'll have a little "holiday" as goes the freelance life ;)
We took our fancy(!) polaroid with us, as we've both been keen to shoot more film this year and never seem to remember. It was in my bag from the wedding, so we actually got some shots of the beach. I think my favourite one is... maybe the house reflection? C took them all, except for the one of him, obviously. I took a couple of snaps with it at the wedding, but honestly, it was hard to wrangle people, times, 3 cameras, 2 photographers, a bouquet and a dress. It was an exhausting but lovely day. I think that about brings you up to speed on my life the past few days! Did you have a good weekend?
Dress // old (similar)
Cat Bolo Tie // Harajuku, Tokyo
Rings // the mall

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