Wordless(ish) Weekend #31 - Snow Monkeys

Upon entering the Snow Monkey park, there was a sign that read:

"You may recognise the monkeys as your ancestors,
but they DO NOT recognise you as their descendants"

Another thing, Donkey Kong was a documentary. I had no idea.
The happiest place on earth ;) Despite the sunshine, the temperature was hovering around or just below freezing, hence my clenched fist. I was fuh-reezing! Should've known by the snow drifts, I suppose.
These hot springs must feel so nice for the monkeys, but imagine getting out? I find it hard enough to get out of a hot bath, let alone a hot spring, with wet fur, in the snow. They got in arms first, very slowly and drank the water from their hands. It's very hot, around 50ºC (122ºF).
 Baby monkey eating fresh shoots, spring is here!
You can check out the monkeys on a webcam feed here.

Most photos by C, a couple by me :)

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