Caturday - Mahō Neko

It was a cool night in Kyoto and we'd just finished a lovely feast of Okonomiyaki. As we wandered through the Geisha District, we spotted a cute white cat with a couple of Japanese guys standing close by, attempting to show it some love and cuddles. The cat seemed a little bit stand-offish, and I hesitated in approaching it, because you know, sometimes cats have had E-NOUGH and want people to leave them alone. The next thing that happened was hilarious. I probably said something in stilted Japaned along the lines of "kawaii" (cute) and "neko" (cat) and crouched down to see if the kitty would approach me for a pet. Not only did the cat approach me, it ran under my cape and climbed up onto my lap, snuggled down and started purring furiously!
The two Japanese guys were amazed. We got talking (me awkwardly crouched on the street with a cat inside my coat) and found out they they were visiting from Tokyo and one was a web designer, the other a motion graphics designer (like me!). They spoke English well and offered to show us around Tokyo when we returned in a couple of weeks. With that, we dubbed the cat "Mahō Neko" which means "Magic Cat" and thanked him/her for the introduction to some lovely new friends. We met up later on in Tokyo and had a lovely time, thanks to Mahō Neko we have lovely new friends in Tokyo! (I love how defiant Mahō Neko looks in this last picture! So cute it brings a tear to my eye :)

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