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I hope you enjoy reading a little bit more about my August sponsors today. Aside from asking them to share a little bit about themselves/their blog/shops, I've found out their top three places to visit in the world! I've also hand picked my favourite post and product so you can find out what I love about my sponsors too. Take it away, Melinda!

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I'm a designer, dreamer, and adventure-seeker. By day I design children's clothing, at night I blog & practice Bikram yoga, and on the weekends I travel and have mini-adventures! Melinda's Musings is a lifestyle blog I began in 2012 about the art of living a well-rounded life.
Oh my gosh, I don't know if I could pick just 3. So I'll have to go by continent, haha. I'm not that picky about where I go as long as I get to see something new!
⤱ South America
⤱ Africa
⤱ Australia
My favourite post // I Love Libraries
My favourite product // You Spin Me Right Round
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I`m writing about all I love- I love tattoos, piercings, creative life, traveling, and I write about all what is happening in my life. I love to live it interesting. And I try to post in two languages - Russian and English.

⤱ Texas (USA)
⤱ Sardegna (Italy)
⤱ New York (USA)
My favourite post // Old Photos From Latvia

Hey, I'm Z and I blog over at Sometimes Z Takes Pictures. I'm all about gnarly burgers, eccentric travel stories, underground concerts that will ruin my hearing, and trying to stay afloat in the weird world of a college student. 
Agh, I studied abroad last semester so this question is ESPECIALLY hard. I would have to say:
⤱ the Eiffel Tower (completely cliche, but I really did cry when I saw it)
⤱ Cinque Terre (a beautiful collection of towns on the coast of Italy)
⤱ my hometown greasy spoon diner. Best cheese curds in Wisconsin!

Hi, my name is Kelly Rae and I'm a blogger over at Foxes in the Graveyard.  I blog about my illustrative artwork, our little family and things I love.
⤱ Sculpture Falls in Austin
⤱ Cy Twombly Museum in Houston
⤱ Paris is always a good idea
My favourite post // 7/52

Hi guys, my name is Maria and I blog about personal style and my adventures through life. I love fashion, personal style and anything vintage. Stop by and say hello!
⤱ NYC - Love sightseeing anywhere in the city
⤱ Cyprus- My family is Greek and I love the beaches there, it's a huge part of who I am
⤱ Austin - South Congress Street is my favorite to go shopping
My favourite post // Wanderlust

Hi, I'm Kyla, a 24 year old designer/illustrator. I enjoy blogging, drawing pin-ups and drinking chai tea lattes. 
⤱ Barcelona, Spain
⤱ The South of France
⤱ Tokyo, Japan
My favourite post // Happy Friday

Hello, I'm Aubin! I'm the owner and artist behind Unrehearsed Kickline, a new online vintage and handmade accessories store. At Unrehearsed Kickline you'll find pop culture inspired accessories celebrating everything from Twin Peaks to The Monkees as well as a fabulous collection of vintage clothing that's 15% off from now until the beginning of September. So click the shop link, stop on by, and join the Unrehearsed Kickline!
My favourite product // This 1970's LBD!
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Hi, I'm Meghann of food blog Miss Sweet Nothings. My blog tag line is "A Little bit of what you like" which was inspired by an old saying "A little bit of what you fancy does you good" and finding a balance between being good and indulging. For me this means sharing inspiration, travel stories and of course lots of sweet treats!
⤱ The pyramids in Egypt (it's on the back burner due to the recent upheavals)
⤱ Rome, Italy (next year on our honeymoon!)
⤱ The Fjords in Norway
My favourite post // Pumpkin Butterfly Cupcakes

Hi guys! My name is Chantal and I'm the designer/customiser at PonyChops. I love to blog, bake vegan goodies, and most of all paint fun, one of a kind shoes! I share lots of crafty things and recipes on my blog along with lots of my own illustration and design work.
⤱ The Lake District - I love to go hiking here on summer days.
⤱ New York - I've only been once but I want to live there some day.
⤱ Blackpool - Possibly one of the cheesiest holiday destinations in the UK, full or creepy and outdated awesomeness.
My favourite post // Jake The Dog and Finn The Human
My favourite product // Personalised Brogues (I've always wanted my cats, like the shoes above! One day!)
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Hello, I'm Lucy, a Somerset farmer's daughter who has moved ooop North to the land of flat caps and whippets. On my blog I share my life and loves in and around Manchester and beyond... Come on over if you'd like to share in my little adventures! 
⤱ Vis - a gorgeous little island just off the coast of Croatia. It's quiet, calm and beautiful.
⤱ Glastonbury Tor - a spiritual place with beautiful views. I can see it from my parent's house so it holds a special place in my heart.
⤱ Cambridge - one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The old buildings are just magnificent and the lazy river winding its way through the city is one of the best places to view it from, sat in the back of a punt.
My favourite post // The Good Things In Life: Agnes

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Indica | Wild At Heart // Rings Charm Turquoise
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Blythe Ponytail Parades // Swan Lake Style

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