What I Wore - Pleated Park Gumtree Wedding

I hadn't really planned to shoot outfit pictures on this day, but the lighting was so nice and I was wearing this pretty dress! I bought this dress to wear to my sister's wedding, it worked really well with a nice sparkly gold jacket and my fancy gold and suede Seychelles shoes. Somehow I don't seem to have pictures of the wedding outfit... But here's the dress in a more casual setting :) Coffee and stroll in the park.
The tree I am standing under was covered in crawly spider webs that were stretched over the bark like gauze. Inside each layer was a pocket of eggs. I'm sure they'll hatch soon. I would be half amazed and half-horrified to witness that event! At the base of the tree was a couple of gumtree twigs that had been wrapped together with some sticky tape into the shape of a little posy. I imagine the gum-tree bouquet was the subject of an amazing imagined wedding, or perhaps a grand ball featuring a princess and her prince charming. Discarded and forgotten once the game was finished.
Pink Cherry Earrings // Broadway Mall in Tokyo, Japan
Baby Tooth Brooch // Tokyo, Japan
I am wearing boots, you'll just have to trust me on that one ;)
Urban Outfitters Boots // (similar)