Birthday Sale on All Ad Space!

Hooray! October is my birthday month, so I thought I'd celebrate with you by offering a big discount on ad space here on Kitty & Buck. If you've been thinking of advertising, now is the perfect time, you can snap up a huge 40% discount with the code icecreamcake. The offer will end on my birthday, which is 3rd October, so you have just over a week to take advantage of it. As always, with Passionfruit Ads, if the size you are after is sold out, you can purchase now and go into the queue for the next free slot, and you can also purchase multiple ads with the discount by using the new shopping cart feature.

Which leads me on to my other exciting news for October. We're heading back to Japan! Weeee! This time though, we're just heading to Tokyo for 10 days and I'll be taking my laptop and blogging daily on our adventures, and hopefully making some videos as well! I feel a little guilty having another holiday so soon, but hey, this is part of why I quit my job! Plus, the airfares were on sale and our favourite hotel in Tokyo (Best Western Shinjuku) sent me a 40% off birthday month special, so C decided to spoil me for my birthday (and Christmas and his Christmas and his birthday etc etc) Happy Birthday to me!

We'll be visiting Mt Fuji this time as well as heading back to the Ghibli Museum, Harajuku and a whole bunch more Kawaii culture and the natural beauty around Tokyo. Oh, and hopefully a bike tour! To say I'm excited is an understatement and I'm pretty happy to share it with you guys 'from the ground'.

There's plenty more going on here too, including a recipe or two, book nook, outfit posts, plus the usual features such as "Found" and "Wordless Weekend" will be more reliable than they have been the past few months. I've updated my stats on the Advertise page, if you're ready to purchase, head over there now! If you have any questions at all about advertising, or designing a button, let me know over email, in the comments below or on twitter.

I hope you join me for the best birthday ever!

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