Found #72

It's a day late, but enjoy this week's "Found", I decided to share a bunch of Australian and New Zealand shops today, because there is so much awesome stuff being made right on my doorstep!

I was so excited to spot my lady-friends at Swonderful Boutique in Frankie Magazine again, with this fabulous bag. It's my birthday soon... Just sayin' :P

Remember my little Book Cover DIY? I found an online stockist of the gorgeous paper I used,  which is printed in Australia using 100% recycled paper. I love this double sided paper idea, it's really beautiful, and a nice little surprise for someone unwrapping a present :)

I saw some of these dresses in person today at the Sydney Etsy Team markets, and they are so gorgeous. Plus Lauren, the gal behind Fawna Vintage, was a real sweetie!

More treats from the markets today, this time a delicious gelato coloured necklace from Ena & Albert.

Speaking of the Etsy Markets, and gelato, Penny was forced to drag me to Messina for some gelato tonight. Ok. Maybe she didn't drag me. And maybe it was my first Messina experience. And it might not even be my last... C and I shared "Run Run As Fast As You Can", "Monkey Business" and "Baklava" flavours. They involved rosewater, nutella, banana bread, gingerbread and more yummy stuff I can't remember right now in my sweet-induced delirium... Oh, Penny makes tights. Sorry, I got distracted by the gelato. Expect a store update soon, too!
via: Uptights

Another great find today (I had a productive day at the markets, as you can see), was iamtob, where Tegan makes a lovely variety of jewellery. You need to see her store to get a better idea, but I'm fond of this simple pinecone brass bangle. She also has awesome brooches and lasercut bits and pieces too!
via: iamtob

I could go on forever, but I'll leave you with this one for now. In Alice Springs, on our way back to Sydney last week, I spotted a store called Unicorns In Love. You know I couldn't ignore that! There was a great range of really lovely clothes in the store, if you're ever in Alice Springs, you must pop in. Lucy Hope, who runs the store, designs some of the clothes and she had a great range of cute printed fabrics in skirts, crop tops and boleros. Unfortunately they are not all on the website, I wish I'd had more time to browse and probably buy something. I was pretty in love with the strawberry print, though this mushroom one is also quite special! Unicorns in Love stocks a bunch of great lady-clothes, from many brands, you should check them out.

I'm really fond of Daria's blog and could choose any of her posts, but this one is following the handmade theme, and has cats. So it wins. How adorable are these little felted cat-cocoons? They're made by Mila Storow and I want one for each of my cats. It's just way to cute.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you might be up to.