Found #73

I'm not that excited about summer right now. We had the most pathetic winter imaginable. It started of with frosty promise, but fizzled out to the point I'm not sure we even had one. So bear with me while I imagine snuggling up in this cozy sweater.

While I'm dreaming, I'd like to wear said sweater here. These pods in Switzerland look so relaxing.
Photographer: Vincent Hofer | Jean-Marc Palisse – Designer: Angelique Buisson
via: Whitepod

Have you seen the new collection from Nadinoo? I love-love this Oopsy Daisy Dress, partially because of the name, partially because of the shoes that the model is wearing, but mostly because it's gorgeous!
via: Nadinoo

I re-found this website recently, after being a little obsessed with it when it first appeared. Atlas Obscura is a great online resource documenting interesting places to visit all around the world. You can search by location, topic (ghost towns, for example) or try your luck with a random selection. You may even find something interesting in your town to see this weekend! I'm fairly certain we went to this bookstore in Paris (Un Regard Moderne). I can be fairly certain because it falls within a 20km radius of our hotel and we visited 98% of bookstores within that radius. Not that either of us can read books in French, but hey, it's never too late to learn.

When I was 6 years old, cooling off in a local pool, I heard a buzzing in my ear and felt something scratching in my hair. Like any six-year-old girl would, I panicked and slapped myself upside the head (as you do). Little did I know that a bumble bee was tangled in my kid-sideburns, and I cruelly ended his life and received my first bee sting. Actually, my only bee sting. I was stung by a wasp last year though, and let me tell you something. Wasp stings hurt. And they don't die, they chase you for more. Don't get stung by a wasp, OK? Long story short, if I have to choose, this gold bee tangled in my hair would be the number one option when compared with the scenario described above.

I have had my eyes on these boots from Modern Vice ever since I snapped up my first pair of Suede Bennis. These guys are making The. Best. Shoes. Right in New York. I'll have to save up my pennies (for a long time) but these boots will be mine.
via: ModCloth
Kaelah always shares a great collection of links in her "Things I Love Thursday" posts. This week, I have to share it with you specifically because the first link is so awesome. Sad Cat Diary is like a world where Orson Wells makes cat videos for YouTube. I cannot stop watching, or crying (with laughter), Thanks Kaelah :)

Who has exciting weekend plans? I'm feeling fairly excited as my intense 3 month contract I've been working on finishes in a week! I'll be really sad to leave my new workmates behind, but I'm also looking forward to having some time at home and actually embracing my freelance status by not working for a little bit! That's not really true. I'll still be working. But at home, on things I choose to work on. It's gonna be good. But first, the weekend. Since there is rain forecast, I'm planning on snuggling inside with some movies, books and cat cuddles. A blanket fort cannot be ruled out. I'll catch you later on, I hope your weekend is swell too!