Meet The Sponsors - September Team!

I have another great group of sponsors for you to meet this month. You can find out a little bit more about them, check out their other social media links and read about my favourite product or post from each of these talented ladies. I also wanted to find out what their top 3 places to see were, so you can learn a little more about their personalities too :)

Hello, my name is Tera and I am the strange little crafty horror lover behind Tera Sue. I will do almost anything to get a laugh and I love beading, sewing, painting, watching movies, fashion, playing with my two dogs, Elvira (mini Dachshund) and Denali (Rott-German Shepherd) and singing. 
Unfortunately I haven't traveled much in my life, but my top three places to see would be:
My favourite post // 20 Random Facts About Me

Amy Grace is a petite blog about life and the joys that come with it! I'm nineteen and a lover of all things beauty! Come join my little world full of makeup rambles, life adventures and a junkies stash of cookbooks ♥
✈The first place I'd go to in a heartbeat is Paris! Purely because it would have to be the sexiest sounding language on the entire planet. And macaroons; Can't forget the macaroons!
✈Then Switzerland. Its the land of chocolate, need I say more???
✈And finally New-York. I think thats just so I can live out my dream of having a Carrie and Big apartment and sit around blogging in my in my undies and pearls, it does't get much better than that!!!!!
My favourite post // Skydiving & Bulli Beach

I'm an ewok trapped in a girl's body, who tries to blog brutal honesty and silly geekery. I blog about being engaged, home decor, design, food, geek girl couture, relationship advice and much more. I run an Etsy store that sells geeky stationery and stickers, and I co-founded the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.
✈The Rainforest
✈Japan (I used to live there but I must go back!)

Hi, I'm Meghann of Miss Sweet Nothings. My little corner of the internet is full of the things I love; travel, musings on living a good and rewarding life and of course, delicious sweet treats! I also natter on about home decor, celebrate cocktail hour and chat about eco living.
The pyramids in Egypt (it's on the back burner due to the recent upheavals)
Rome, Italy (next year on our honeymoon!)
The Fjords in Norway
My favourite post // Coffee Muffins with Streusel

Hello, I'm Aubin! I'm the owner and artist behind Unrehearsed Kickline, a new online vintage and handmade accessories store. At Unrehearsed Kickline you'll find pop culture inspired accessories celebrating everything from Twin Peaks to The Monkees as well as a fabulous collection of vintage clothing. So click the shop link, stop on by, and join the Unrehearsed Kickline!
The top three places I'd love to see are:
✈Berlin to visit the site of the Berlin Wall and indulge my love of Weimar era art
✈The Andy Warhol Museum to see his sketches and installations
✈Los Angeles to take the Paramount Studios tour and visit the graves of my favorite stars from early Hollywood.
My favourite product // Sane Cat Lady Pin

Hi everyone , I am a tiny lady who loves fashion and vintage. I love anything exciting and inspiring so I try and share the same on my blog! Pop over and say hi!
✈The louvre in Paris
✈The NYC skyline
✈The beaches of Cyprus 
My favourite post // Knee Highs & Corduroy

Hi! My name is Violet and I am a 24 year old living in Indianapolis, Indiana and photographing everything. Come say hello!
✈Loch Ness Scotland
✈Redwood Forest in California

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