What I Wore - In the UFO Capital of Australia

Well, I got you with that title, didn't I? When we drove up the highway from Alice Springs, I spotted this roadhouse (diner/truckstop for my American friends) and I knew we had to stop. Since C and I were determined to reach our destination and have a well earned rest, we decided to stop in on our way back home. The town is Wycliffe Well and it is the self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia.
It is also supposed to be ranked #5 in the world for UFO sightings! Not to start any conspiracy theories, but there is a U.S. airforce base fairly close by. I suspect the UFOs could be related. Just sayin'. I spent a lot of time peering at the stars in the N.T. but I didn't spot any alien craft unfortunately. I did meet some new friends...
Once again, I'd like you to admire the landscape more than my outfit. It's super casual for trekking around the desert and more of an excuse to show my tourist photos than pictures of what I'm wearing. Aside from Wycliffe Well, these pictures are taken on the Stuart Highway and around the Devil's Marbles, or Karlu Karlu.

*photos by C - I love this moon shot!!
cut off shorts // One Teaspoon
burnout tee // old (similar)
converse (limited edition) // Kyoto, Japan
Moomin scarf // Tokyo, Japan
badge // thrifted - Florala, Alabama
camera bag // Jo Totes