Found #75

I saw this short film on "The Business of Fast Fashion" and found it really interesting. Aside from explaining some of the facts behind fast fashion, it also discusses a new push towards a "Sustainable Clothing Action Plan" by many designers. The video is less than 2 minutes long and I highly recommend watching it if you're interested in fashion, or ever wear clothes (everyone watch this). Plus it's filmed in a really cute hand-drawn time-lapse style! I love watching someone draw really fast :D

Since Daria shared her list of non-tacky Halloween things, including this tooth necklace, I got lost in this Etsy shop called The Rogue + The Wolf. They have some great handmade jewellery, including this  knuckle ring, which is 3d printed! I want a 3d printer. Now.

I am pretty sure I've shared some clothes from I Love Mona before, but they have a lovely new winter range (boo! It's going to be hot soon). I love this collared shirt, I think I'm phasing back into the idea of having a nice collared shirt since I don't have to anymore ;) It's amazing how reverse psychology works on me, just like that.

Ah, photographs of abandoned places, I just love them. This place is really famous, Pripyat in the Ukraine, which was abandoned after the Chernobyl distaster. Click the link below for more amazing places, kindly listed for us to admire on "My Science Academy" 

Now that I'm working from home more often, I am aspiring to eating food that looks like this, all the time. So many colours! Motivate.

This post on Lovely Indeed about blogging this week addressed a lot of issues I see bloggers talking about, and find myself thinking about. Wondering if your voice is heard above the noise of the internet, or if it even should be? And more. Read the post here.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, it's a looong one here in Australia, so everyone is out and about, it should be busy, but good :)