Found #76

Tumbleweeds Handcraft make the original and the loveliest wood veneer sunglasses. Beca and Doug are not content to relax once they're onto a good thing, either. They always delight me with their constant new designs and the latest range is no exception. So many awesome colours, including some heart shaped watermelon sunglasses! I love this "Catfetti Cat Eye" style. (They also make an really cool iPhone case!)

Some beautiful, simple geometric jewellery from Japan-based jewellery brand, Cosette.
via: Cosette

I'll be on the look out for some more tights in Japan, they have the best variety of socks and tights over there! These tights from Unus are 'flocked' with a velvet texture, and look pretty cool.
via: Unus

Of A Kind promotes on-the-rise designers by selling limited edition runs of their work. I love this hanging planter that is currently available. You can subscribe to their mailing list to keep up to date with each release. They also share behind the scenes peeks at the designers, so you can see the work in progress and learn a little more about where the products are from.
via: Of A Kind

I love some red with my black and white! This dress from ModCloth is called Piano It All, and sometimes, they just suck me in a little further with their punny names. Sometimes.
via: ModCloth

I think my weekend is going to be spent packing!! Yee! I'm so excited to be off to Japan in just a couple of days. I hope you have some fun and/or relaxing things planned too :)

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