Japan Update #2 - Typhoon in Tokyo

You may have heard that Japan was hit by a typhoon this week. Luckily here in Tokyo, we didn't witness any major incidents, however the evening before we were wandering around Shibuya searching for a restaurant and let's just say, things got a little damp. Perhaps typhoon time isn't the best time for a stroll, but you live and learn, right? I survived my first typhoon and got some nice pictures in the process. C took all of the night-time shots, I couldn't even think of my camera while struggling with my umbrella and navigation device (i.e. my phone, which I discovered now has google maps even without WiFi - score!!)
We ate at Nagi Shokudo, which was worth the struggle in the rain! This vegan restaurant has great reviews online and they don't lie. We ate the Curry Special, which was an Indian curry set with some delicious sides, and the deep fried soy meat with chilli sauce. I don't normally go for deep fried, but this was so delicious! It wasn't too greasy and boy oh boy, do the Japanese know how to make good mock-meat. I think we will go back there for lunch, when they serve the very popular ¥1,000 lunch set (around $10).
The owner even took the time to translate the menu into English for us. I don't know why I still look like I'm struggling to read it as though it's in Japanese. Ah well.
This blinged up truck looks pretty cool in the rain!


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