What I Wore - On My Birthday!

I wanted to do this post on my actual birthday (last Thursday), but you know, I was out, doing birthday things. So here it is, a few days late. Since we have a couple of friends visiting from Japan, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to show them around a little and take a trip up to the mountains. We had a lovely day, and in typical Australian fashion it was warm, freezing, pouring rain, windy and sunny, all at once. Each direction you turned, there was different weather.
You can see the wall of rain coming in, we had to run! Twice.
We took in some sights at Wentworth Falls and the Three Sisters lookout, had some scones in Leura and took a very important visit to the candy store. I bought the guys some musk sticks so they could try some uniquely Australian candy. Not sure it was a hit! I think they might be an acquired taste, like Vegemite. There was also some lunch and antique/bookstore browsing in Katoomba.

Oh boy, cold purple hands!!
Afterwards we returned to Sydney and had some dinner and soaked up some music in a local bar, all in all a pretty good birthday. It's so fun to show people around a new (to them) place, I would love to do it more regularly.
(I loaned it to her, it was freezing!)

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