Advertising Overhaul and December Discount

Things have changed around here, for the better! I'm always looking at ways to make the experience of advertising on Kitty & Buck enjoyable and of course, beneficial for blogs and shops alike. I've come up with a new plan for 2014 that I think you'll love. I'm focussing on the best way to promote you.

Why do you advertise?
For blog owners //  You want people to visit, read and hopefully follow your blog (and other social media too), right?
For shop owners // You want to promote your store to the right people, who are interested in your products and love your business ethics. You want to spread the word about your awesome shop!
Some people ❤// Just want to support a blog they love (and maybe get some clicks in the process)

I've tailored my advertising to fit these needs a little better. The biggest change is with giveaways. If you are a business and you'd like to promote your products through a giveaway, I have a new option where you can purchase a solo giveaway post. These posts are strictly limited to two posts per month (more info in the ad shop).

Once a month, I will hold a 'sponsored' giveaway, where I will choose an awesome prize valued at approximately $50. I will purchase the prize with the money earned from advertising, and I'll be responsible for shipping it to the winner. XL and Large advertisers will be featured in the giveaway post as 'sponsors' of the giveaway and will be included in the bonus entries. To cover the cost, I have increased the ad prices of Large and XL ads by $5. If you'd prefer not to sponsor the giveaway, there is an 'opt-out' code which will give you a $5 discount on ad space and remove you from the giveaway post.

There will be no more solo giveaways for XL sponsors, or group giveaways for Large sponsors. They are being replaced by this new system. I think the new giveaway structure will be more consistent in the value of the prizes being offered and sponsors can take part for $5, where the previous value of any prizes needed to be $25. It's cheaper for you, and I think the giveaways will be really popular! Small ads are unchanged.

Since I'm now on Facebook, I'll be promoting you by sharing posts there. There will also be a more thorough approach to all social media mentions, through Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well.

My advertising page has been updated with the latest statistics, and the ad shop explains each option in more detail. I've also updated my press section, finally, so you can see a selection of places where Kitty & Buck has been featured.

If you're interested in buying an ad for December (and beyond), I'm offering a discount to celebrate these big changes. Simply enter the code BOWIE (for changes, get it?) for a 20% discount on all ad spaces, including the solo giveaway spots. (If you'd like to opt-out of the giveaway and use this discount, email me for a special code!) There's just one XL spot left for this year, but you can always take advantage of the discount and purchase ahead for 2014. The discount is valid until the end of November.

As always, I'm interested in your thoughts. I know this is a big change, so let me hear what you think, good and bad. The most important thing to me is that the advertising options represent good value and gives you the results that you're after.

Cheesy question for end of post:
Are there other reasons that you advertise? What features do you look for in advertising your blog/shop? Let me know!

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