Found #78

by loumi has such a beautiful collection of jewellery. Each item is handmade to order in France, from a combination of porcelain and gold. This necklace is so delicate and pretty, and this store is full of equally gorgeous pieces. I'm in love :)

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Uttu have a new range out. I loved their debut range, and the new collection, "You Look Familiar" is just as lovely. The detailed cutouts in the fabric remind me of exotic architecture, like windows into another world. The range is designed and handmade in Istanbul, by Gokce Cibik, this gal studied architecture before entering the fashion world, which explains just about everything.
via: Uttu

This star path is such a great idea. It was developed to provide ambient lighting at night, without the need for electricity. The product can be applied to just about any surface, and besides looking magical, it provides safety benefits, too.
via: Inhabitat

Speaking of stars, Ben Canales takes quite spectacular photographs of the sky at night. I never tire of the night sky, ever.

I always enjoy reading Daria's blog. Last weekend she posted this dress, and I couldn't resist sharing it, either (or her blog - check it out!)

This moon mat is so cute! Did I mention I love the night sky? It's time for a moon survey. What do you see in the moon?
a) a man
b) a bunny
c) a skull
d) other (please elaborate)
via: ModCloth
image via: Silly Grrl
For anyone out there who has a website or a blog, this is a great post on things to avoid when coding. Sarah knows all the tricks, and she always shares her design and coding expertise through her blog. I recently won Sarah's coding e-book on Ashley's site, so I'm pretty excited to get stuck into improving my coding skills, too.

Who has exciting weekend plans? I'm still working out my routine when it comes to weekends, it's definitely difficult to not work, when I have so much to do and my work is all at home! I'll probably do some half-work and half-playtime, it's supposed to be stinking hot here, so I don't mind staying inside.


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