Found #79

I hate to remind you that the silly season is upon us... Does anyone outside of Australia say that? Anyway, this dress has the perfect festive spirit, don't you think?

This Ghost Moons silk scarf from The Bell Jar Shop is so beautiful. Actually, all of the scarves are, there's plenty more pretty silk where this one came from!

You're probably tired of all of my Modern Vice lovin'. But.. but... they are available in Urban Outfitters now! I think the Jett boots will be my next investment (and I mean, investment... they're not cheap, but it's the price you pay for well-made, handmade in the USA boots, and I can vouch for the quality)

Um... Fir and Firewood scented candle? Count me in, a million times. Thanks to Jessica for clueing me in to this one!

To further evoke the scent of Christmas, check out this amazingly beautiful photography by Brooke Holm. There's just something about mist, fog, rock and trees. Thanks to The Design Files for introducing me to this Melbourne-based photographer. You can check out her work on Instagram, too.
Kelly-Ann's post this week was so touching. It's a long read, but I highly recommend that you check it out. The over-arching message is that we should be accepting, kind and thoughtful about the way we treat others, and I tell you what, there needs to be a lot more of that in the world. Sure, it's naive and optimistic to think that the world will ever be a fair and kind place, but the more people who live with Kelly-Ann's mindset (and live it in actions, not just words), the better. Just plantin' seeds, my friends :)

Weekend time!! I'm off on a ghost tour tonight, a stashed birthday present, so I'm pretty excited to visit one of Sydney's historic buildings and hopefully commune with the dead ;) After that, I think some decorating DIYs might be in order. I'm trying to be organised and calm this year. What do you think? Is it even possible? Any cool weekend plans happening out there?


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