Found #80

I'm already thinking of little gifts I can stash away under the tree. This Rose Geranium Gem Soap from Vice and Velvet in Melbourne, Australia is so pretty.

There are so many handmade shoes around right now, these scalloped oxfords from Ele Handmade are adorable. I love the ribbon laces, though I'd probably destroy them within moments.

I'm all for fancy dresses right now, this shiny lace number is so cute with the black collar detail.

This Stefanie Sheehan ring from the Moorea Seal store is great! 7% of all proceeds from The Moorea Seal store go to one of 5 charitable causes, the proceeds from this ring go to "Caring for Animals" :)

Hand Printed in Sydney, these linen Tea Towels from Making Good add a touch of happiness to the dull job of washing the dishes :)

Another cute gift idea, these animal illustration Christmas Prints from Studio MME are sure to put a smile on someone's face (they come with a cute story on how the pictured animals celebrate)

image via: Love & Lemons
We don't get Thanksgiving in Australia (boo!) but I'm keeping my eyes out since I'm the Christmas day chef (don't worry, I have amazing assistants!) There's been a few Veggie themed thanksgiving recipes around lately, this set from Love & Lemons looks so delicious! The Roasted Beet Pear & Walnut salad is on my shortlist.
Also, Bridget posted snowgrams! Ah, one day I will live where there is snow (and probably complain about being cold and wet - though I loved the tiny amount of snow when I lived in London - only 3 weeks or so) If you're interested in an International gift exchange, I've signed up for this one on Danielle's blog, just do it soon, sign-ups close in moments!

Have a great weekend :)

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