Interview with Miss Angie from My So-Called Chaos!

Can you give us a little introduction to your blog+shop and yourself?
Hi readers of Kitty & Buck!  My name is Angie, but I go by Miss Angie around the blogosphere world-I know it's a little weird, it's just something someone called me that stuck!  I blog over at My So-Called Chaos about my life, passions, art, and dating/love woes; and run the shop Chaotic Creations by My So-Called Chaos which has my various artistic endeavors up for adoption and looking for lovely homes!  

Where do you find inspiration?
I find my inspirations all over!  One of my biggest inspirations has been the Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead holiday and Sugar Skulls lately. I collect art like this, so I've started making my own!  I also draw inspiration from the holiday/season/weather-especially when it comes to Halloween/Fall because those are the best times of the year for me! 
I'm also inspired by other great artists and creators.  A couple of my absolute favorites right now are Painting Bliss and Kelli Murray Art.  I wish I had half of their talent! 

Do you have a favourite saying or quote to share with us?
I love quotes, so there are so many.  One of the favorites I've seen was "Don't rely on a prince, save yourself" which reminds me that I don't need anyone (especially not a significant other-as society would often have one believe) to get the things I want from life.  That I alone can push myself forward and make a life for myself.  I loved this concept so much that I got "Save yourself" tattooed on my arm (My very first tattoo) this summer as a reminder I can look at daily. 
What is your favourite food to cook? What is your favourite food to eat?
Hmmm... I love making mulled cider.  It's sort of a yearly specialty I do for my Halloween parties (I'm hoping to share a recipe on the blog this year) and then I spike it with Spiced Rum.  Yum!  That or my Egg Rolls.  To eat, I'd have to choose pretty much any kind of Asian food-Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc.  YUM! 

If money/education/ability were no object, what job would you choose?
I'd be a writer.  I've dreamed of writing novels since I was 7 years old-if I had the time and money to just sit down and write without school/work/life getting in the way-I'd totally do it!

Can you share a couple of your favourite blogs?
Oh yes!  Some of my must-reads include The Militant BakerArt @ Home, Painting Bliss, The Paper Mama, Chantilly Songs, and more!  There are seriously too many to choose from.
What is your favourite thing about your blog/blogging?
Connecting with people.  The thing that keeps me blogging is all of the wonderful people around the world that I now feel are true friends, and would never have met them in my life if it hasn't been for this community that brings people together!

Thanks so much for sharing an insight into your blog, shop and life today Miss Angie! If you'd like to learn more about My So-Called Chaos, you can read my previous interview with Miss Angie, and of course, you can follow her adventures on her blog!

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