Japan Update #9 - Mt. Takao Part 1

We only managed one day trip out of Tokyo, despite our best intentions to head to Mt. Fuji, the Jukai and Fujikyu for the scariest haunted house in the world (haunted hospital, actually). We did make it to Mt. Takao, or Takao-san, which is a mountain around one hour out of Tokyo. It was so refreshing to get out of the city, even though the weather was not great. It actually stopped raining for out little hike, so we were lucky to enjoy the chirping birds, screeching monkeys and barely turning fall foliage. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji, though I'm not convinced that Tokyo ever has a clear day...
C is making the acquaintance of the Tengu, who lives atop the mountain. We rode in Japan's steepest cable car to get to the mountain trails... eep.
The colourful children's rides seemed so out of place in this natural playground! Along one of the walking tracks, there was a little cafeteria serving up steaming hot mushroom soup and these delicious goma dango, which are rice and black sesame dumplings, roasted over hot coals. They were the perfect antidote to the chilling, wet mountain air.
Continuing on from my last trip documenting Japan's fake ice-cream sculptures, I captured not one, but two beauties in Takao-san!
We visited the monkey park, I was hoping it would be like the Shibu Onsen park we visited in Spring. Unfortunately it was more like a zoo, and I felt really sad for the beautiful monkeys locked up in their glass enclosure.
I'll have a couple more posts on Mt. Takao, since we captured some beautiful pictures, and even managed to peep some leaves. It probably doesn't count, but there were a few yellow ones that got me quite excited :) Until next time...


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