Japan Update #9 - Mt. Takao Part 3

This is the final set of images from our day trip to Mt. Takao. One day I will go here when the fall leaves are in their full glory, but I'm glad we made the trip during a quieter period and were able to enjoy the peaceful (if you count the screeching monkeys and birds as peaceful!) surroundings with relatively few hikers. There were a few helpful signs scattered around. This one with the little lady on it was so cute! I have no idea what it says, and if I were lost, I think I'd stay that way, even with the sign!
I think this staircase was more daunting from the bottom, but I waited until I made it to the top before focusing on its scale! The reward was worth it, the temple at the top was so beautiful! I'm a little disappointed that we didn't meet Tengu (the local supernatural being), but perhaps next time :)
Back in the village, we spotted some really beautiful gardens. I wish we had come up a little earlier to take full advantage of the area, including a stop at one of the local restaurants. I have a good travel motto though, always leave something undone so that you have an excuse to return!
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