Make, Eat, Embellish, Think v.03

DIY rope basket raw fig cheesecake geometric nail art streaming music services - the lowdown Image Map
make // a pretty rope bowl
eat // raw fig cheesecake - even if you don't make it, read the disclaimer, it's so true!
embellish // geometric nail art
think // it's a year old, but this article on streaming services makes me think there must be a better way*

*I'd really love to support musicians with my listening choices, and if I love an album, I still buy it, but wondering if anyone knows of any online services for streaming music, that pay artists fairly? (I know, I'm only half-joking)

For the record, I really like Bandcamp, where bands/artists can set the price of digital downloads/physical media purchases, but offer free streaming of tracks so you can preview their music. It's mostly used by independent musicians, and you can support them directly through this service. I just wish I could "shuffle" the music, or listen to playlists, so I could find new bands easily.

*EDIT - I just received an email from Bandcamp this morning, they have launched a new music feed functionality, that plays your favourite artists and their favourite tunes. Looks like a step in the right direction for making music more discoverable on this service. Hooray!


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