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Sit down, relax and check out these fabulous blogs and shops that are featured on Kitty & Buck for October. Aside from introducing themselves, they're also sharing their (▴) natural talents with us today (and the natural talent they wish they had too!) I've included social media links too, so you can follow their escapades all over the internet.
When I don't watch the sky or falling stars, while eating popcorn covered with melted cheese and rosemary, I squeeze fresh brain juice for my site; In Whirl of Inspiration. I also share there paper worlds from my favorite books, mouthwatering Mediterranean (mostly) recipes , crafts and colorful voyages. All these through a geek's perspective. Boom!
▴ I have noticed over times that I am really deftly in doing things with my hands, from crafts and painting to having a really steady hand in operations (I am a biologist guys) or in handling really small and delicate procedures. 
▴ Well, on the other hand, I wish I had the talent to squeeze all of my chores and obligations in the day's 24h. If any of you discovered any trick to expand the hours to eg 36h/per day, well I would be delightful to learn how to do it too. :) 
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My So-Called Chaos is all about keeping track of my life, adventures with friends, dating experiences (both good and bad), as well as some giveaways and bloggy love to.  I also have an Etsy shop where I sell all sorts of handmade art and goodies!
▴ Art!  I'm not the best out there, but I'm talented enough at it.  :) 
My favourite post // Using the 80/20 Principle to Get Ahead With Your Money
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My name is Mo and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian, animal lover, pizza addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry.
▴ A natural talent I have is being able to problem solve. I thrive off of breaking down stressful moments/events and figuring out how to help.
▴ I wish I had the natural talent to pick up languages easily!
My favourite post // Wishlist Wednesdays

The Asockalypse is a NZ-based online store stocking a huge range of funky fashion socks and hosiery for sockaholics and wicked soles. Started by two best friends, we aims to offer the most awesome socks at the best prices. Many of our brands and styles are exclusive in Australasia, and you'll get free shipping in NZ for orders over $50, and in Aus for orders over $100. 
▴ I brew my own fruit wines and meads, and they are super tasty!
▴ I wish I could sing! Well, I CAN sing, technically, but I only sing one note and it's not a note recognized on any traditional scale.
My favourite product // Kittenster Crew Socks

We are a creative couple who are also parents to an awesome little man. We love to travel, eat good food, enjoy the outdoors and indulge in our passion for fashion. Our blog is our little outlet for everything that inspires us, what we are up to, wearing, eating, listening too, as well as our attempt to be kick-ass modern parents.
▴ Laura - Naturally good at sports and anything to do with balance
▴ Wish I could play the piano really well
▴ John - Naturally good at cutting hair and growing a beard
▴ Speak another language fluently 
My favourite post // A Breath of Fresh Air
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Hi! My name is Lynsey and Eternally WanderLyn is a little bit of everything all rolled into one - travel, love, inspiration, sweet treats, adorable dog pics and much more. So stop on by and say hi!  
▴ I have a natural talent for sarcasm that I inherited from my father. When I visit home all anyone can think to tell me is, "You're JUST like your father."
▴ I wish I had natural musical talent such as singing, but sadly no one is buying the tickets to my shower concerts. And I've been trying to learn guitar, but haven't quite mastered the art of rocking out. One hopes they can teach such awesomeness! 
My favourite post // Wanderlust: Top 10 Things to do in London

Hi everyone , I am a tiny lady who loves fashion and vintage. I love anything exciting and inspiring so I try and share the same on my blog! Pop over and say hi!
▴ I love love love to sing, but get extremely shy of singing in front of people!
▴ A talent I wish I had....hmmm... I wish I could dance to choreography. I am TERRIBLE at following steps.
My favourite post // Trees Painted Red

Hi, Anna Nuttall a personal lifestyle blog  where I write subjects on women fashion, food & recipe, home decor and beauty products. It just a little fun blog where I like to put a smile on people face. I like to think of it as an online-magazine but as a blog.
▴ I graduated from uni last year doing a fashion journalism so i think my talent lies in fashion writing as I had a few thing published (*big cheesy grin*) but other then that I can make a mean homemade beef stew or a roast dinner!
My favourite post // Rush Blogger Meet

Scrawny Girl is my personal blog where I talk about my fatal attraction to cuteness, my daughter and the dolls I make/sell in my Etsy shop. I am currently working on some new doll patterns for Christmas and some just for fun celebrity dolls, like Harry Potter.
My favourite post // One Girl Bicycle Club
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Hi I'm Claire and I create handmade bracelets using quality semi-precious gemstones. Every item is limited edition so you can always be sure that the bracelet is special to just you. I also blog over at which is full of my loves, creations and cats! 
▴ I'd have to say a natural talent I have is creating, and it has been since I was a child. I've always had some project on the go.
▴ I wish I could crochet, I've tried it so many times but find it really hard to pick up. I need to devote more time to practicing, I'd love to make a huge, cosy granny square blanket.
My favourite product // The Viola Bracelet
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Thanks so much to my October sponsors, it's been lovely to have you!

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