What I Wore - Harajuku Bows

I hope my post doesn't hurt your eyes too much today, because we're headed to Harajuku, the land of teenage girl's dreams everywhere. No rainbow is too bright, no contact lens too strange. It is an intense place, with tourists fighting it out with the locals for a glimpse (and a stare) at the street fashion that Tokyo is famous for.
Oh yes, and because it seemed like the right thing to do, I've added a bunch of kawaii illustrations, courtesy of my extremely talented fiance. Boy can draw! It took him 5 minutes to whip these up, and me, a few hours to colour in! haha. My friend Kaori explained the "purikura" photo booths to me, which is basically a photo booth that does some 'beautifying' and then allows you to write, stamp, add glitter and text all over your photos, which are printed out as stickers at the end. If you've never been in one of these photo booths, you really should, it's crazy and fun and oh, so Japanese :) Penny and I actually stumbled across some in Sydney on the weekend and had some amazing photos made.
Before I left for Japan, I was speaking with Jacquie from Under The Shade of a Bonsai Tree, about her new range of jewellery, influenced by the fun street styles of Harajuku. It was a pretty awesome mail day when I received this little collection! The range is called Harajuku Bows and you can pick up some pretty in the form of a necklace, brooch and stud earrings, all in a range of colours. As always, they are handcrafted with skill and care, and I couldn't be happier. It was so great to be able to take them 'home' and capture some fun images along the way. I actually have a bunch more photos from this day, so I might share some more soon.
I couldn't leave without mentioning my dress! It's definitely my new favourite. Fits like a glove, beautiful fabric and the right amount of swish, it's a dream. And my jacket! There was a hushed squeal of delight when I spotted this baby for $10 in the thrift store. Who said getting lost in a typhoon couldn't lead to anything good? Have you ever taken photos in a purikura booth?
Japan Embroidered Jacket // Thrifted - Tokyo, Japan
Transparent Umbrella // It wouldn't be Tokyo without a convenience store umbrella

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