What I Wore - Sweet Tooth!

It's the tail end of the year, which, if it means anything, it's cake time! haha. When Steff from Asockalypse (great name, huh?!) contacted me to see if I'd like to wear some socks from their store, I definitely couldn't go past these cupcake socks! These ladies are based in New Zealand and have a great range of colourful socks, for ladies and men. I love the new striped over-the-knee socks and also, the cat socks are so adorable! (since it gets damn cold in NZ, they have some nice long socks and tights for my wintery northern friends, too)

I wonder if everyone has a pre-disposition to having a 'sweet tooth' or to favor savoury? Both of my parents are sweet toothed, so I've been lumped with one too. That said, I rarely indulge, I definitely have a 'less is more' mentality when it come to treats. Sometimes it's tough, I am half German, and sharing genetic heritage with Augustus Gloop makes it kinda tempting to go for a dip in a chocolate river ;) But the cupcake socks, they're making me think of sweet delights.
On an unrelated note, as I was foraging for pretty shells and polished glass, I found the shell above and it brought back memories of my childhood, whenever I found these particular shells, I'd pretend they were false fingernails.
Back to the outfit - I also have a super special discount at Asockalypse just for Kitty & Buck readers! Enter KITTYANDBUCK at the checkout for 10% off your order. These would make great stocking stuffers, or better yet, make them the stockings and fill them with loot!
ice-cream necklace // glebe markets, sydney, australia
ice-cream ring // tokyo, japan
silk scarf // limited edition art print (old)
rainbow skull bracelet // tokyo, japan
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