Work It!

Working Lunch Pants

Recently I was contacted by ModCloth to take part in some styling competition posts, and I definitely jumped at the chance! I've never used Polyvore before, so excuse my poor execution, I'm sure my collages will look better with some practice :) I kept trying to use Photoshop shortcuts *shakes head*

This week's item is the Working Lunch Pants. My goal was to create an office outfit that was professional, but still fun :) I had to take advantage of those high waist pants with a cute crop top. How adorable is the taffy necklace? I would totally rock this ensemble in my home office! (sorry to rub it in, I'm still excited)
Working Lunch Pants // ModCloth
Waltz With Me Heel // ModCloth
Taffy Talk Necklace // ModCloth
Lass With Class Bag // ModCloth


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