Best of 2013 - On Kitty & Buck

This is probably the final "Best of 2013" post, if only because it's New Year's Eve-Eve! You can catch my post on the best live music I enjoyed in 2013 and my top experiences of the year too. Today though, it's all about Kitty & Buck.

The most popular post was (by far) my DIY on making Japanese Paper Book Covers. I'm so glad people pinned this and shared it on Facebook, because I can only hope there are lots of satisfied book-cover-makers out there (and tonnes of pretty books!)

The second most popular post was my Great Escape from the 9-5 life! There is a really supportive network in the blogging land for potential entrepreneurs, self-employed folk and people aspiring to quit their day job. A lot of shares were from these fine people, plus some of my lovely readers who were inspired by my journey.

Onto some of my other favourites from 2013 - I continued with the Photo 101 Series, with some posts on "Getting To Know Your Camera" for people who are learning the more advanced settings on their cameras (anything above auto!)

Nico Organised Neatly was a huge hit! I'm biased, so I love photos of Nico, but you guys did too. I might do a series of these in 2014. All I need to do is stack some things around with a little hole in the middle, and wait mere moments for Nico to insert herself into the ordered chaos.

Another popular post was the DIY on hair dye - for pastels and brights. I always get tonnes of questions about how I dye my hair, so hopefully this helps you out if you're wondering, or wanting to get some fun colours in your own hair.

A lot of you related to this post on living a life without regret. I often think of this story, especially when I need a kick up the butt to get moving on a project or dream that I've been putting off.

It's quite difficult to choose a favourite Wordless Weekend post. But I loved taking these photos the morning after an earthquake in Takayama, Japan. The contrasting still of the morning and the beautiful paper cranes were really special.

Another favourite from our visits to Japan is the powerful moss in Yakushima.

Honestly, the greatest day of the year was probably Cherry Blossom Day in Kyoto :) You don't see pure bliss like that every day.

I was feeling like a slacker on the outfit posts this year, but there's evidence against that. Wow, I wore a lot of clothes ;) (click on images or links below to see the full posts)
WIW - Cats on Astroturf WIW A Dress With Horses On It WIW - Gelato WIW - Bladerunner Like Tears In The Rain WIW - Pastel Rock WIW - Pastel Rock WIW - Deep In The Woods WIW - Little Blue Boots WIW - Spotted Strawberry WIW - Daisies In The Breeze WIW - On The Plane WIW - Peach Sparkles WIW - I'll Drop My Anchor WIW - A Kitsune Meets a Fox in A Dark Alley WIW - Kyoto Station WIW - Conjuring Hearts WIW - My Heart On My Knees WIW - Cecil Sees Stars WIW - Monochromatic WIW - Bookstore Blues WIW - And The Moon Shone Bright WIW - Crazy Cat Lady WIW - Vanilla Bean WIW - Gumtree Wedding WIW - Outback Winter WIW - Parasite Museum WIW - Outback In Bloom WIW - Monochromatic Mirror Maze WIW - Harajuku Bows WIW - Sweet Tooth WIW - Coach Tour Dress and Chalk Sun Image Map
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