Weekend Project - Washi Tape Cables

So I went and did something productive this weekend. Go figure! OK, so maybe making my electrical cables look pretty isn't that productive, but I do have a sense of accomplishment. I saw this project on Design Love Fest ages ago and I knew I'd get around to it one day. Since the Christmas tree will be decorated tonight (!) and I needed to re-arrange all of our cables to fit the lights in, it was the perfect time.

Some MT washi tape from Japan (you can get it here and here)
Washi Tape from ModCloth
Extension cables or any electrical cable that is causing an eyesore (preferably round and white as washi tape is semi-transparent and won't be seen well on a black cable)
All I did was devise a pattern that I would follow with 3 colours and cut short pieces of tape (around 1" long, enough to wrap around the cable once) and wrapped them neatly around the cable in alternating colours! So easy, I probably didn't even need to say it ;) I found the effect worked best with one bold/solid colour and a couple of more simple patterns to complement.

One note, a couple of the tapes didn't stick so well onto themselves. They stick fine on paper, but maybe their own surface is too shiny. Both tapes that did this were MT tape, but other rolls of MT stuck just fine. *shrug* maybe they were just old or something. I always like to do honest DIY projects, so if you have a go, you can learn from my hiccups. If you have a chance, maybe wrap one row of each colour around a cord and check it the following day to see if any particular rolls have the no-stick problem. (the orange one on the image below is a bit peel-y)
Other than that, I'm so happy with my cables, they look a bazillion times better and I'm happy to have them spread across the floor like skinny beautiful coral snakes :)

What did you get up to this weekend? In addition to cable beautification, I devoured the latest issue of Frankie Magazine on a picnic blanket outside with the cats, Mazzy Star and some stink bugs buzzing lazily through the air, it was quite marvellous. (the stink bugs kept their distance, thank goodness)


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