Blog Update {complete}

Sorry about the mess around here, I'm just updating the layout. Things will be back to normal (albeit shiny and new) shortly!

Hello! I've finally, finally finished working on my new design! I hope you like it - I know things look a little different around here, so take a second to look around and get familiar. The main changes are:

          ◆ New categories - I've tidied up my tags and created a much easier system of navigating them,       so take a look and hopefully you might discover something new! I've included "Regular Features" and I tagged all of my USA Road Trip photos so you can now check out if I've been to your town ;)

          ◆ New sharing function on each post - There's a new 'share' button which allows you to share any post on (just about) any social network. There's also a "Pin It" button on each post

          ◆ Daily Reads - You can see some of my favourite blogs listed in the sidebar (and please, check them out!). I have more on a separate page, which will be updated regularly.

          ◆ Right down the bottom, I've added a blog footer with links to favourite posts

I'm still working on one or two more features, including an update to my design shop and a few more bits and pieces. If you notice anything that's not working properly for you, or have some feedback, I'd love to know, just leave a comment below, or email me.