Found #83

Éléonore Bridge + camera = ❤

Tumbleweeds Handcraft posted the work of Maude White on their Instagram this week. I'm pretty blown away by the level of detail in Maude's beautiful paper cutting.

Chelsea from Sketchy Notions has just released some beautiful Valentines Cards. You can get them separately or as a pack, in case you want to hedge your bets ;)

Hiroko Kubota embroiders these cats on her son's shirts! You might have already seen these floating around the internet, but in case you haven't, I had to share. The amount of work that goes into each one is insane, but so worth it (I think, though I'm not the one with blistered fingers) I love how the cats are peeping out of pockets and plackets!
via: Colossal

A little more Valentines love for you - in the shape of a pretty red outfit.
via ModCloth: {dress} | {shoes} | {necklace}

image via: Old Brand New
This one is a timely reminder that life is precious and while you may have a grand list of resolutions and goals for 2014, not to forget the little things, those bits and pieces that constitute living, the simple pleasures and meaningful gestures. A heartfelt post on Old Brand New.

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