Found #84

Such a sweet little explorer - a lovely photo of a kitty in Japan by [Mori]. Her photographs really capture the feeling of Japan.
Found via Frankie: Flickr

I've featured the Daily Dishonesty before, but I had to share this one when I came across it while working today (I swear I was working!) Lauren Hom reads my mind sometimes. 2014 has been full of this particular dishonesty and I really must get some better sleep happening soon!

Wow. This is my idea of a perfect oasis inside a city - tonnes of trees! This street is Brazil looks so enchanting, especially with the contrast of skyscrapers all around.

These beauties are 50% off right now. But there's a catch. You need to be a size 43! Any lovely ladies with grand feet out there? If not, there's plenty of other lovely shoes in this Etsy store.

I stumbled across this shirt on Anthropolgie this week, I'm always a sucker for a good striped shirt. This one is a little dressier that the usual jersey tops, I like it!

image via: Decor8
If you're like me and don't know where to begin with getting some plants in your house, this post is an excellent starting point! 22 Hard To Kill Houseplants. The title says it all, really. After cross-referencing what plants are safe for cats, I have a little shopping list, and hopefully some inside greenery soon!

Another post I found useful, again on the topic of interiors, was Design*Sponge's online black book on white paints. A good resource for any of you redecorating right now.

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? Mine is blissfully free. I imagine some reading, coffee drinking, sleep-ins (see image above -ha!) and brunches might be in order. And some movies! I've got a Picnic At Hanging Rock DVD begging me to watch it, along with some old Stephen King (Stand By Me) and new (Under The Dome). Yep. Being a Couch Potato sounds like a good plan.