Meet My January Sponsors

It's time to get to know my sidebar advertisers a little better. If you haven't clicked on their ads yet, check them out below, they're a lovely and talented group. This month I have asked each of these ladies to share what they have planned for 2014. If you like the sound of them, be sure to visit their blogs and shops, I know they'd be happy to welcome you.

Sketchy Notions is a small one-woman shop run by Chelsea Ward in sunny Southern California. All of our unique paper goods, postcards and more feature original watercolor illustrations and sketches straight out of Chelsea's sketchbooks while travelling across Europe. 
❝I have an ambitious (and daunting) list of goals for my business and personally for 2014. At the top of my list: self publish my first children's book! I'm determined to make it happen this year!❞
my favourite product // "I love you so" Valentines Day card (hand painted and lettered!)

Amy Grace is a petite blog about life and the joys that come with it! I'm twenty and a lover of all things beauty! Come join my little world full of makeup rambles, life adventures and a junkies stash of cookbooks ♥
❝2014 is a big year for me! I'm leaving my family home {finally!!} and moving to Sydney. My plan is to go back to school; well uni actually, to do a teaching degree. So hopefully I'll be able to do something a little more meaningful with my life :)❞
my favourite post // hey, 2014

Hunting Bears is a blog about art, craft and living a creative, adventurous life! It's a place for me to document my experiments in printmaking and design, and to share what inspires me - the pursuit of adventure, the exploration of the unknown and an appreciation of the world around us.   I'd love to see you there! 
❝I've learned to not plan my life too far in advance, so I'm fairly open to whatever new opportunities come my way this year.  My big goal is to build my fledgling art and craft business, and to study  printmaking and other crafts in order to fine-tune my skills. ❞
my favourite post // Make Your Own Hand-Printed Picnic Blanket

My little corner of the internet is all about embracing the simple pleasures in life and making the normal girl in all of us feel extraordinary and accomplished. Come on over because there's food to eat, things to make and stuff to learn! 
 ❝What delightful timing! I'll tell anyone who is willing to listen that this is my "Year Of Reading". To kick it off I just started a new series on the blog called Books-N-Tea to celebrate my love of stories and that delightful, little ritual we call, tea.❞
my favourite post // Giving Yourself Permission To Stop (and Start)

hello! my name is victoria, im a wife and (mostly) stay at home mom living in los angeles, ca. poverty luxe is my blog where i like to write about crafts, clothes, cooking, and our little familys adventures as we learn to love living the broke life. i also have an etsy shop of the same name where i sell the skirts, dresses, and hair bows i make out of vintage and recycled fabrics.  

❝this year is all about sharpening my sewing skills and learning all i can about running a small business so that someday soon i can quit my day job and work from home!❞
my favourite post // Spiral Lace Slouch Hat (free pattern)

Shadylane Blog is full of inspiration and real-life ways to celebrate the everyday. In my experience it is so true that even though every day may not be good, there is something good in every day, and I try to capture, preserve and share those small moments that add up to a beautiful life.  
❝I have chose "Thrive" as my One Little Word for 2014. So much of what is happening in my life right now feel beyond my control, but instead of just surviving it, I hope to thrive in spite of it all. I want my marriage to thrive, my health to thrive, my creativity to thrive and I hope to chronicle it all on my blog...making it thrive too. :) ❞
my favourite post // Life With Gibson - Year One

Thanks to my lovely January sponsor team! If you'd like to advertise in February, I'd love to have you, just head over to my ad page or email me with any questions you might have.


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