What I Wore - Wild Palms

C recently dug an old DVD copy of Wild Palms from a bargain bin in a record store somewhere. I don't know how I hadn't heard of this show before, but it's a 5-part mini-series sci-fi/drama produced by Oliver Stone. There are various directors attached to the project, including Katherine Bigelow (she directed one of the greatest vampire movies: Near Dark, before other such gems as Point Break and Strange Days before becoming the first female to win an academy award for direction with The Hurt Locker). The guy who directed Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey even directs an episode! I'm actually surprised that this has no relation to David Lynch, other than the fact that ABC told Stone that the series must have a beginning, a middle and an end, due to Twin Peaks (at the time) recent trailing off into no-mans land.

Wild Palms is distinctly Lynchian, focussing on a secret society based in Los Angeles. It even has Mr Eddy in it for goodness sake! Oh, and a cameo from William Gibson! We haven't finished watching it yet, so I can't tell you how it pans out, but for now it is a strange and interesting artefact uncovered from 1993.
You might have noticed in more recent photographs, I've been avoiding dying my hair for awhile now, just because I couldn't face the effort involved, and I'd run out of my usual colours (turquoise, purple, pink and blue) I've had this pot of "Special Effects" Virgin Rose sitting around, so I decided to splosh some in. It's so much better! Begone yellow blonde hairs!
Christmas brought me a fairly excellent haul of new clothes. C was concerned that he would pick things I didn't like, or that didn't fit, but he has the magic eye and everything fits like a dream, and is super adorable too! I love these summer shorts, I feel like I should pop some victory rolls in my hair and pull up a sun-chair with a cocktail.

Kitty Cardigan // (gift)
Sailor Shorts // (gift)
White Tee // Urban Outfitters
Necklace // 1930's antique from Spitalfields Markets, London (gift from a couple of years ago)
Black Diamond Octopus Ring // OctopusMe (gift from a couple of years ago)


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