Caturday! + Clearing The Air

We've been painfully enduring a lot of Nico cuddles lately ;) This cat. While she has loved a good (and constant) snuggle from day one, and constantly nags you to get into the bed so she can cuddle you, she's been even more demanding lately. (Once she even propositioned the cable guy). We are all too happy to oblige, as evidenced on the @KittyandBuck Instagram this week.

Today we ventured out to the nursery and purchased some indoor plants. It's been a long time coming, but I've always been extra cautious about what is and isn't ok for cats. A good thing I checked too, because the instant the plants were inside, Maggie attacked them like they are her very own salad bar. It already feels great, there's something about having plants inside that clears the air and makes everything feel more fresh (and lets be honest, just a little 1970's).

I should remind you to enter any final {white} themed images into the #kittyandbuckcolor Instagram Challenge. Even if you don't join in, check out the hashtag, there's a bunch of amazing photos. I'll be sharing my favourites next week, so be quick!

Finally, I forgot to do a sponsor call this month, I got too caught up in the excitement of launching my new blog design! If you'd like to advertise in February, check out the advertising page here. In less than a week, there is an opening for one of the XL ads, so if you'd like prime position, get in quick! There's some other sizes available as well, whatever floats your boat :)

I hope your weekend is going well, I finally started my calligraphy class, and I'm staining some bookshelves and doing some macramé. I feel oh so productive!