Film Style: Heathers

Do ever watch a film and just gawp at the styling? I'm going to try and choose some of my favourite films that have distinct style and re-create an outfit from the film aas well as chat about the film itself.

Have you seen Heathers? It's one of those fabulous 80's high school movies that I've seen a million times. The three most popular girls in school, all named Heather, befriend Veronica, a cynical former nerd played by Winona Ryder. Veronica soon tires of the Heather's petty, mean behaviour and sets her sights on a mysterious bad boy, J.D., played by Jack Nichols... I mean, Christian Slater. Heathers is a cynical observation of the futility of teen angst. As J.D. and Veronica set out on a murderous rampage, making their popular and nasty classmates deaths appear as suicides, the biggest question is: Who will possess the red scrunchie?

If you're not familiar with the film, I'm sure it's enjoyable for anyone who likes dark humour, cynicism and memorable quotes. This is one of those 80's gems that speaks to Veronicas everywhere :)

Heathers has a really distinct style, with each Heather sporting a specific colour palette. Blazers, ankle socks over tights and mid length skirts are the go-to fashion of a 1988 teenager. And how could we forget scrunchies? (no matter how hard we try?)

I have a big list of favourite 80's high school films. I'd love to know your favourites!