Found #85

This Chainsaw Thunder Earring by Katrine Kristensen is so unusual with the unexpected detail popping out from behind your earlobe. It reminds me of muppet's eyelashes for some reason! I really like it, this piece is exclusively available at Couverture and The Garbstore.

The abandoned and crumbling city that was once known as Ani is located on the border of Turkey and Armenia. It's peak period was around the 11th Century and it was enjoying a resurgence in popularity before WWI and the Armenian genocide guaranteed it's demise. The Atlantic have collected some amazing photographs of the area, which is slowly becoming more accessible after years of conflict and militarisation. 

I couldn't figure out my immediate attraction to this Minimalist Disc Pendant on Moorea Seal. Sure, it's a classy piece. And then I realised it reminded me of an old friend - Pacman. wacca wacca wacca wacca

I noticed on our trips to Japan, there is a kind (genre?) of store over there that is always really full of people, and a hub of activity. It's not one brand, just any store that sells eyeglasses. I'm not sure what it is, exactly, but glasses are really big business over there. Of course, it was only a matter of time before a nerdy designer came up with the idea of frames based on fonts. I have first dibs on Futura!! (If C. doesn't beat me to it)

Speaking of C, we were discussing our favourite horror films a few weeks back and both agree on The Shining being one of the best. A while back I was introduced to this blog, which has a comprehensive collection of awesome behind the scenes images and information about the film. I'm always fascinated to see a shot that I've seen many times before in the actual film, from a new angle in a different context.

Also, in lieu of my "Blog Post of the Week", enjoy this animated gif of The Overlook Hotel.

I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you're up to!