Found # 86

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day. The holiday feels a bit forced. There's no reason why you can't show the person you love how much you love them every day (and you should! Our time is precious). Today is just like any other day, right? Despite this, I thought I'd do an ever so slightly themed Found this week, just because I do love an excuse to have a cohesive theme running through my selections.

Beth shared a her story of love, along with some of her (always) evocative photographs of food. In this case, a Red Velvet cake made with natural ingredients (no food colouring in this one!) If you're after any last minute "I need to impress someone" ideas, may I suggest the cake?

RossLab creates such beautiful ceramic works, this little ring dish is so cute! A perfect nest for a couple of special items.

via: RossLab

More heart shapes, this time from my favourites, Tumbleweeds Handcraft. I love the confetti range that they make, they're so unique and pretty.

If you're feeling especially Valentines-y, or you just love cute dresses, this heart cut-out dress from Coincidence & Chance is so pretty!

You could probably use some red velvet lip stain to match the cake... How about some of this super-pigmented stain from Lime Crime?

via: ModCloth

I'll leave you with a love song. I saw this song performed live by Daniel Johnston in Sydney a couple of years back. I'd been looking forward to the show for a long time, and since he's not a 'well' man (he has many health issues), seeing him play live was never going to be a sure thing. While we were patiently waiting for him to come onstage, there was a power outage and the entire venue had to be evacuated. We stood on the street for a good hour (or two?) before they finally restored power and thankfully, did not cancel the show. The recorded version maintains the raw emotion of the live version, I think.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the documentary, "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" It's tragic and touching, a fascinating glimpse into the world of music, religion and mental illness.