Instagram Challenge - January Recap

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the January colour challenge. There is such a lovely collection of photos already, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with over the coming months.

Here are some of my favourites from January (it was so hard to narrow down, they were all great!)

◆ @pulpsushi
◆ @wildflwrliz
◆ @sketchynotions

◆ @juliastrawberry
◆ @apurplerat
◆ @thebeckie10

◆ @ahoymiss
◆ @aubinthomas207
◆ @melindadiorio

10 ◆ @jessiedmeece
11 ◆ @begoodnatured
12 ◆ @hayley_jean

I hope you join in on the new colour for February, too! I'll be announcing it in the next week or so, until then, feel free to add any more white themed images to the hashtag #kittyandbuckcolor.

If you'd like to share your participation (and encourage your readers and friends to join in) you can use this button on your blog:

I was asked a couple of times if you can share more than one image. Of course! Take as many as you like, it gives you a good opportunity to keep searching for interesting subjects and fun ways to shoot them. Don't forget to let me know your username if your profile is private, I'll follow you along once I know (if you want me to see your #kittyandbuckcolor shots!)

Which shots were your favourites?


P.S. I recently changed my commenting system to Disqus. There were some major problems happening with Intense Debate and I could not reach anyone (after months of trying) on tech support. I know you loved CommentLuv, so please feel free to link to your blog in the comments, I will still check out your links!