Found #87

The photography of Stefano Bonazzi caught my eye this week. It's surreal subject matter and painterly quality is so beautiful.

How fun is this? A cork globe so that you can add a pushpin to all the places you've been (or would like to visit!)

The Bewitching Blues dress from Nectar is gorgeous! I won't lie, I'm also taken by those amazing wooden floorboards in the background...
via: Nectar

Kitty & Buck favourite Isabel Knowles has just released "Cabbage", a collection of one-off pieces, just in time for spring! Beautiful floaty cotton numbers with pretty prints... how can you go wrong?

Love this "Tessera" ring from Acre.
via: Acre

Roadtrippin' and Values. I only discovered Caroline's blog this week, and I'm really enjoying it! This post about her planned roadtrip talks about the value in being flexible (yes!). I'm also in agreeance with her opinion on travel and new experiences being a catalyst for growth and change as a person, they are so important. Head on over to A Blog Made Vibrant and check it out for yourself.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope that you have a lovely weekend planned!